Monday, November 29, 2010

Truckers Are Angels Too

 A couple of weeks ago we had a "writer's challenge" from the Tuesday night writer's group. Write a short, short story in 55 words or less.  When I first read the message, I thought, "No way!" It was automatic resistance. It can't be done. I'm not really a writer anyway. 

But the idea just kept rolling through my mind like a faint reminder.  It wouldn't go away.  It wasn't nagging at me or trying to force me.  It was playful, like my grandsons when they want to play, "Just one more game, Grandma, Nancy, please!"    

When the idea popped into my head, my reaction was this just might work.  After six or seven revisions, here's what appeared...

While driving on Route 4, I didn’t realize my favorite ring was so loose that it flew out the window along with my apple core.  After much searching, a semi stopped and the trucker stepped out, eyes set upon a specific spot, reaching for a small shining object.  “Is this what you’re looking for?”  

Everyone at Writers' Group had one or two writings and we listened like wide-eyed children to the rich, vibrant stories, each told in 55 words or less.

                  Autumn Bucks County Country Road

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