Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Heart Speaking

Always speak from the heart, never from the mind.
Your sincerity and courage will set an example for others too,
And by listening to you they will be inspired to reveal their own heart.
This "heart speaking" is a spiritual practice.
It means you must only tell the truth and live within your own boundaries and dimensions
Without ever bragging about things you won't ever be able to live up to or deliver to others.
Heart speaking will bring you a gift whenever you practice it.
You will always be right.
The heart knows but cannot tell; the mind doesn't know but can tell.
Stretch yourself to speak from the heart and bypass the mind.
You will see miracles boomerang back into your life.

Most of us want to believe that we are honest; that we are sincere. But do we speak from the mind or the heart? I've found there is quite a difference. Heart speaking doesn't weigh how I will look in the eyes of others. It demands that I be compassionate will everyone, including myself. 

Perhaps most importantly, it gently allows the space to feel my boundaries and move softly into my own dimensions. After a lifetime of trying to be there for everyone else, I find myself longing to stretch into that "boundless heart space." Here I am sincere and courageous ~ what a gift!

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