Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moving Onward

The deep parts of my life pour onward,
as if the river shores were opening out.
It seems that things are more like me now,
That I can see farther into paintings.
I feel closer to what language can't reach.
With my senses, as with birds, I climb
into the windy heaven, out of the oak,
in the ponds broken off from the sky
my falling sinks, as if standing on fishes.
                    ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Sometimes when I read a poem like this the mind is at once confused and clear. No words come to explain what I see. But the deep pristine part of me is crystalline. Its multidimensional pattern reflects light in all directions. My senses climb into a vast spaciousness and it's a bit like standing on fishes or water or clouds. The non-separation, the oneness is visceral. Boundaries melting...

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