Thursday, March 15, 2012

Only an Instrument...

"The time left in this body is to be used helping all others on the planet
and in all realms. Remain Being and help everyone. This is not a desire, but a natural surrender; you are just a tool, like a bank teller, it is not your money that you are giving away, you are only the instrument. Always give and you will never need. If you do not give you will always be needy."                    ~Poonja

When we visited the Ringling Estate in Sarasota, Florida, I was awe-struck by the gardens and in particular, the rose garden lovingly tended by Mable Ringling from 1913-1929. It is filled with 1200 rose bushes, some varieties dating back to 1867! Of course, today, many of the roses blooming were not available for Mable to plant. The one pictured above is the Princess Diana rose and I couldn't help but consider Poonja's quote.

Though Mable lived at the estate, Ca d Oro, for only three short years before dying of diabetes, she and her husband, John, created an epicenter of cultural life on Florida's west coast. Their passion for art and culture continues to  Of the few details known about her life, Mable was not a flamboyant woman, and she did not seek the spotlight in either society or show business. She was a leader in her community, founding the Sarasota Garden Club and looking for ways to beautify the city she loved. Imagination envisions a kind, compassionate woman who loved art and culture.

Diana was truly an inspiration of all who knew of her tireless work for children and underprivileged people all over the world. She exemplified this idea of just being ~ a natural surrender ~ only the instrument.

Something to ponder ~ the time left in this body is to be used helping all others...

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