Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Call

This is what it means to answer the call, to commit to being here in a human life, as a human being: 
to love what is mortal, 
to love what is unpredictably changing & impermanent, 
to love while being mindful that everything, 
every person, every place, every moment we love will change & pass, 
but to love anyway. 
And to love what you love fiercely, no holds barred, nothing held back, 
knowing that the reality of who & what you are here & now 
as a human being is inseparable from this world, 
this life you claim & inhabit fully.
                                               ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer, from The Call

There's a fierceness, a fiery passion in what is spoken here. It takes commitment to live each moment in authenticity. To love life, each moment and each person, including oneself, seems an impossible task. Yet there are glimspes, flashes, moments where this is unmistakably experienced. And the peace that comes in those moments is beyond verbal expression. 

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