Friday, April 27, 2012

A Witness Soul

"At last there wakes in us a witness Soul
That looks at truths unseen and scans the Unknown,
Then all assumes a new and marvellous face.
The world quivers with a God-light at its core,
In Time's deep heart high purposes move and live,
Life's borders crumble and join infinity."
                                 ~ Sri Aurobindo, ""The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds"

A few evenings ago as the sun was setting, I looked up to see "a new and marvellous face" as the clouds took this angelic shape. The witness is always here. Connecting with it feels just like Sri Aurobindo describes. When I first encontered that witness I thought I had moved into an altered state of some sort. It felt light and disconnected from my body, from solid reality.

In Yoga, we practice moving inward, disconnecting from external distraction, while at the same time, being deeping connected to all sensation. After years of practice, the witness is simply present with each breath. Surrendering to the unknown flows easily. Watching thoughts drift through the mind like clouds. No holding on, no fear. Life's borders crumble and disolve into infinity.

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