Sunday, April 29, 2012

I still couldn't say my gratitude...

I said Oh no! Help me!
And the Oh no! became a rope let down in my well.
I've climbed out to stand here in the sun.
One moment I was at the bottom of a dark, fearful narrowness,
and the next,
I am not contained by the universe.
If every tip of every hair on me could speak,
I still couldn't say my gratitude.
In the middle of these streets and gardens,
I stand and say and say again,
And it's all I say,
I wish everyone could know what I know.

~ Rumi

There are times when the gratitude is so vast it truly does contain everything. Every cell in the body is glittering, vibrating with this gratitude. It's not possible to describe in words, but once experienced, you will know it. That "knowing," it never leaves, though your mind may move into fear or doubt or sadness.

My stay in Florida has been just such an experience. How I wish everyone could know what I know...


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